Corporate strategy and principles


The mission of EMFA MAP is to provide the optimal solutions to the demands generated by our customers in the market for automation by enclosures and doors, as well as facilitate the work to the companies of installation who rely on our products, all this under the guidelines of security for users and make compatible all of our designs, functionality, performance, quality, sophistication with the most purest essence of simplicity and sustainability of the planet, surrounded at all times by the environment of service excellence offered by our team.


The vision of EMFA MAP is to be a world benchmark for safety in automation for enclosures and doors, and position themselves as leaders in the market and give the characteristic of "safe" to the maximum number of automations of enclosures and gates throughout the world, by following bases of significance of adaptation to the changes in needs of all our clients and to maintain and improve at all time the highest quality of our products and service.


The values of EMFA MAP define the whole of our principles, beliefs, Institutional philosophy and constitute the culture organizational to our company, and are as follows:

    • - Users safety.
    • - Comfort and cosiness of people.
    • - Quality ,functionality, sophistication and safety are not at odds with the simplicity and sustainability.
    • - Design all our products to meet the needs of our customers.
    • - Constantly adapting our products and services to customer requirements.
    • - Be a constant support to our customers.
    • - Orientate customer for each installation.
    • - Establish an open and transparent communication with our customers.
    • - Work together and go in the same direction.
    • - Commitment to the community and people.
    • - Sustainability and commitment environmental.
    • - Enthusiasm and Illusion.
    • - Tolerance and Respect.
    • - Be a leader with humility and giving an example at all times.