Automatic doors

Mechanisms for the automation of all types of access

puertas automatizadas




Automatismos para puertas

Automation for doors and windows

Since 1972, we have been designing and manufacturing mechanical and electronic mechanisms for the automation of all types of accesses: Gates, doors, roller shutters, blinds, gear motors…

The quality of the materials used in the careful manufacturing process, the reliability and silent operation, as well as the excellent finishes of our devices, have earned us recognition as a leading brand in the automatic door and access automation market.


Swing doors

Up-and-over doors

Sectional doors

Roller shutters

Sliding doors

Automatic pedestrian doors


In 1972 we started designing and manufacturing

+ 2000

Over 2000 m² of production plant

+ 1000

Over 1000 m² of central warehousel


5 Delegations throughout Spain

+ 1000

Over 1000 products in our portfolio for automation: Hydraulic, electromechanical, brushless, inverter equipment…

Endless enthusiasm

proyecto automatización de puertas

A Team at Your Service

Our years of experience in automatic doors and access automation allow us to offer you solutions to your needs:

Customer Service: Queries, incidents, returns, procedures.

Technical Support: Both remote and on-site.

Solutions: Products, techniques, documentation

Custom Projects: Custom products, custom projects

APP para generar informes CE

Automatically generate all reports and CE markings

Enter the data and the APP automatically generates all the necessary reports to cover the installation file and to be able to certify the door and installation

It also generates the door CE plate document


IPS: Intelligent Positioning System

The IPS safety system can be installed on any type of swing or tilt door compatible with equipment of any brand.
Door in Compliance in less than 1h thanks to its Anti-crushing system throughout the door area. It also acts as an opening and closing limit switch. Combined with our CRFEM control panels, it performs the “PUSH & GO”, which consists of activating the electric motor when the door is opened manually so that it closes automatically. It also performs the patented EMFA-MAP function called “Anti-Wind”, which consists of automatically reopening the door if the equipment is stopped and the door starts to close, for example due to air currents.

puertas de garaje a normativa CE