Silence: Tor silence

The municipalities demand that the population listens to silence.

The number of municipal leaders concerned about the well-being of the population is increasing, and they only authorize the use of our quality, the use of silence.

In these times we live in, it is important to recognize that there is a strong commitment to the sustainability of our planet, to climate change, and to pollution. However, when it comes to pollution, many people forget or simply overlook issues as important as levels of noise pollution, which do not directly affect the environment but do affect people’s health.

This situation has always been very important to EMFA Automatismos MAP, which is why it was decided to develop a system designed to maintain the maximum quality and performance of products while also reducing noise levels to the lowest possible levels.

Thus, our TOR SILENCE systems were born, composed of the hydraulic arm and a separate motor pump unit, preventing the motor group’s vibrations from being transmitted to the door and magnifying the sound level.

Silent hydraulic arm for garage doors.