The impossible made reality

New Motor, New Technology. GLOBAL TOR, Making the Impossible Possible.
Avoid Travel, Eliminate Stock, Instant Automation, With Maximum Security and Best Quality. GLOBALIZE!

Once again, the combination of analyzing our clients’ needs, along with the effort and constant investment in R&D carried out in our facilities, EMFA Automatismos MAP is pleased to introduce a new and revolutionary equipment for automating swing gates, the GLOBAL TOR.

This equipment is born at EMFA Automatismos MAP, as a result of the development of a new proprietary technology, the GLOBAL technology.

This new technology has been designed in our R&D department with the aim of fully meeting the demands of our customers, both the installing companies of our equipment and our end customers who will use our products.

This revolutionary technology, exclusively designed by our company, allows customers to have all the features of motors designed for swing gate automation in just one device.


Furthermore, this technology is characterized by its versatility, as customers can configure the features as they wish, setting up the motor with the necessary active features and leaving the rest inactive.

This new system allows customers to consolidate stock into just one reference, thereby facilitating a smooth rotation and preventing equipment from remaining in warehouses for long periods.

Another advantage is that this technology allows customers to automate any type of swing gate without the need for a prior study, thereby avoiding the need to travel to the location where the swing gate is located. This provides a quick and excellent response to the end user, thus offering outstanding service.

This revolutionary design has been created, always seeking the best solution to facilitate the operations that our installing customers must carry out in each of the phases involved during the automation process of a swing gate, from receiving the initial inquiry call from the end customer to the completion of the installation phase.

The benefit to our end users has also been considered, as they will receive a much more immediate response to their needs. The versatility of the equipment will allow them to adapt this system to any other type of swing gate if changes are needed, without the need to purchase another unit.