Electric control panel GTG


Electronic control panel for tor genio.

  • 24 volt direct current control panel.
  • Regulation of force and speed with soft stop.
  • Indication of the status of buttons and photocell with LEDs.
  • Flashing output.
  • Radio card connector.
  • Encoder input.
  • It has two independent “safety” inputs, one for a photocell that acts during door closing, and another for a photocell at opening or a “Pneumatic Safety Band” with 8K2 contact.
  • It has inputs for buttons: Open (START), open partial (Pedestrian PED) and stop (STOP).
  • It has an open and close button integrated in the board to perform assembly tests and time programming.
  • Electric lock output.
  • Opening and closing limit switch.
  • Garage light contact.

Functions of the motor/panel assembly:

  • -If the door encounters an obstacle: the motor reverses the maneuver and opens the door.
  • -If automatic closing is selected: it closes the door again but with a 25% increase in force after the waiting time has elapsed.
  • -If the obstacle persists: it opens again increasing another 25% more force. (This operation is repeated until the 4th maneuver, at which point it acts as if the pressure limiters of the hydraulic arm were adjusted to maximum force)
  • -If the door does not close with the maximum force: the motor stops and it is necessary to press the transmitter or button to open. When the obstacle has disappeared and 30 minutes have passed since the first increase in force, the control panel automatically programs itself with the initial programming settings.
  • -If it is desired that the motor always reverses the movement, instead of carrying out these force increase operations: place selector 3 in the ON position.


 Power supply  230V, 50Hz / 120V, 60Hz
 Motor voltage  24VDC
 Accessories power output  24V 150mA
 Strobe light  N.O. CONTACT
 Normal function time  2 MIN.
 Automatic closing wait time  3 SEC. TO 2 MIN.
 Radio card  INT/EXT. OPTIONAL
 Operating temperature  -20 TO 70ºC
 Garage light contact  Voltage free

Electronic control panels for genie tower.

  • 24-volt direct current panel.
  • Force and soft stop speed regulation.
  • Status indication of push buttons and photocell with LEDs.